– Additive Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low-carb, etc. –
To Serve Diversifying Dietary Habits


Changes in the Japanese people’s lifestyles, and their rising interest in health are diversifying their dietary habits. A wide range of natural food items will be in greater demand in hotels, ryokan inns, and the food service industry.


REASONS 1 The Japanese organic market is expected to grow to 196.4 billion yen in 2020!

REASONS 2 The show will be attended by leading buyers for the accommodation, food service, catering and home meal replacement, trading company, and retail fields, who are involved in purchasing “organic and gluten-free products”

REASONS 3 80% of the visitors are involved in purchasing process!


This exhibit zone will cover diverse kinds of culinary culture and dietary habits.


    Frozen foods, frozen fruits, drinks, dried fruits and nuts, curry powder, instant foods, retort pouch foods, sweeteners, etc.


    Plant-based, meat substitutes, vegan protein, vegetables, potatoes, beans, fruits, etc.


    Soy products, snacks, dressing, condiments, nuts, noodles, flour, etc.


    Coffee, herbal tea, green tea, black tea, carbonated drinks, etc.


    Cereal, bread, rice, grains, quinoa, pulses, soy products, nuts, etc.


  • Hotels/Inns
  • Food Service
  • Trading Companies, Wholesalers, Retailers, Leisure facilities

Exhibit perks linked to the event stage
Connecting chefs with companies! Creates flow and consumption of products!
The 4th “Natural Food:Audition to Discover New Recipes”
Save the date! FEB.17 2021

In this high-level audition program, four finalists in the Main Dishes Division and four in the Sweets Division, who passed through the preliminary review, compete for the top, with creative menu items that use exhibitor’s ingredients. The judges are representatives of retailers, restaurants, and food service businesses, and the program’s aim is to have the winning creations turned into menu items and products, generating new consumption. the last event added the new Young Recipe Prize, with the cooperation of Kagawa Nutrition University, so this year marks a year of progress towards the foundation of a new genre in natural foods.

The 3rd “Natural Food:Audition to Discover New Recipes”

  • “Bigan(Beautiful Face)-Vegan Anti-Aging Sweets”
    Nobue Taniguchi

  • “Smooth Chocolate with Dates Marzipan”
    Masako Hirata

  • “Roasted Brown Rice and Tapioca Crepe and Chili Con Carne Galette”
    Tsuyoshi Ozaki

Judges of 3rd ” Natural Food:Audition to Discover New Recipes”

Publicize your products by becoming a sponsor at the Recipe Audition


  • Provide your company’s product samples to applicants of the event to develop new recipes
  • If the recipe using your products is chosen for the final round, provide your products on the day of the event

Advantages of becoming a sponsor

  • Your company name and logo will be posted on the exhibition website’s event page
  • Your company logo will be presented on the stage during the event
  • Announcement about your products and booth location will be made by the MC during the event
  • Receive recipe data submitted for the event
  • Receive survey from applicants about the samples

*We cannot guarantee participants to use your products in their recipes

Show Information
Date February 13(Tue) - 16(Fri), 2024
10:00 - 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
East Hall