Participation Fee

Standard Booth (Space ONLY)

※All fees are 10% consumption tax included.

1 booth=9m2〔2.97m(W)×2.97m(D)×2.7m(H)〕

Final application
[Until Sep. 29]
462,000 JPY

※Overseas Exhibitor Processing Fee : JPY 4,400. per application will be costed.

  • Information, invitation, envelope, poster
    (free distribution of requested number)
  • Your company information posted on the official website
    (scheduled at December 2022)
  • Equipment
    Panel (white system panel), Booth number plate, Electricity wiring up to 100V/300W per booth

Expected additional fees

Fees below are not included in the exhibition fee.

  • Booth decoration and rental equipment
  • Electric wiring work and usage
  • Water / gas supply and usage, sink rental, etc.
  • Company sign
  • Internet connection construction
  • Part time working staff
  • Printing materials including pamphlets
  • Shipping exhibition products / pamphlets

Package Plan

※All fees are 10% consumption tax included.

1 booth with Package 2.97m(W)×2.97m(D)×2.7m(H)

Final application
[Until Sep. 30]
594,000 JPY
  1. Fascia board + Company name
  2. Outlet (100V, Single phase)
  3. Carpet (Choose your own color)
  4. Meeting set
  5. Rental equipments (Choose your own)※
    • 5-1 Electrical equipment (Choose 3 items)
      A. Fluorescent light (40W)
      B. Spotlight (100W)
      C. Arm spotlight (100W)
    • 5-2 Rental equipment (Choose 1 item)
      D. Reception counter
      E. Square table (Choose 1 item)
      F. Counter table (φ600xH1000mm)
      G. Wall shelf (x 2 units)
      H. Display stand
      I. Brochure stand (A4 size, 12 rows)
    • 5-3 Rental equipment (Choose 3 items)
      J. Rectangle table (Choose 1 item)
      K. Wall shelf (x 1 unit)
      L. White cloth (2200x1000mm x 3 units)
      M. Brochure stand (A4 size, 6 rows)
      N. Panel stand (Choose 1 item)
      O. Fire extinguisher
      P. Table-top brochure stand & Business card box
      Q. Hanger stand (x 1 unit) & Hangers (x 10 units)
      ※Check the official website or contact the Secretariat
  6. Electricity
    Electric wiring work (Up to 1kW/ 100V)
    Electricity usage (1kW/ For set up & show period)

※Overseas Exhibitor Processing Fee : JPY 4,400. per application.

Exhibitor’s Options

Display, Booth layout, Ads, Seminars etc.

  • Corner Booth

  • Advertisement

  • Exhibitor Seminar

Booth layout

The organizer alone shall determine booth layout taking into account previous results (such as number of times of participation in the organizer’s exhibition), number of booths, items
to be exhibited, demonstrations, and order in which application is received.

Show Information
Date February 7(Tue) - 10(Fri), 2023
10:00 - 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
East Halls 1-8